Meeting outcomes

These principles reflect the National Cabinet’s intent to capture the benefits of the energy transition, with a focus on supporting regional pathways for economic transformation associated with decarbonisation for those communities that have helped grow Australia’s prosperity.
Including the National Cabinet Strategic Principles, 2023: Transition to Sustainable Responses and Steady State.
National Cabinet met in Canberra today to discuss national priorities.
Today National Cabinet met virtually to discuss the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and receive an update from Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly.
The National Cabinet has agreed to hold a National Day of Mourning on Thursday 22 September 2022 in honour of the life and service of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The National Day of Mourning will be a one-off national public holiday and an opportunity for all Australians to pay tribute to the life of The Queen, outside of a work and study setting.
National Cabinet met in Sydney today to discuss COVID-19 settings and key joint-actions for the upcoming Jobs and Skills Summit.